Goldtower Central

Goldtower Central

Grand Opening

The community of Charters Towers came out in droves to celebrate the beginning of a new era for commercial, industrial, and retail opportunities for the region. The newly opened precinct, Goldtower Central welcomed the community to a weekend of festivities, including a sky show of fireworks which will go down in history as one of the most spectacular shows was held across two separate locations, Towers Hill and Goldtower Central.

The Bell Tower, which stands tall at the opening to the precinct, was rung to commemorate the opening of Goldtower Central by Mayor Frank Beverage and owner of Goldtower Paul McIver. “Just like the opening of trade for the day, the Belltower bellowed out a sound of deep tones to signal the official start of trade for the precinct, said Paul. The bell tower represents a symbol that will stand strong, just like the previous towers’ during the goldrush era of yesteryears.

The Saturday saw thousands of visitors to the precinct with families enjoying a tour of the precinct on Tommy the Train and partaking in one of the many free activities such as laser tag, bull riding or the free fairy floss and snow cones. Thanks to the many community clubs who helped on the day such as the Charters Towers Country Music Festival, the Charters Towers Fire Brigade Social Club, the QATB Historical Museum, Live Charters Towers, SES and the Charters Towers Restorers Club. These clubs brought along their community spirit and for that Goldtower Central thanks them.