Charters Towers

There is no better time to call the Charters Towers Region your place to live, work and play.

Charters Towers is an easy 90-minute drive inland form the coastal city of Townville (The largest city in Northern Australia).

The Region is home to the Burdekin Falls Dam on Lake Dalrymple, which is the largest dam in Queensland; and at full capacity holds four (4) time the volume of the Sydney Harbour. This provides significant economic opportunities for the Charters Towers Region.

Beef production is a major economic activity in the region with the mining, tourism and education, and research industries also prominent. 

Charters Towers Regional Council Economic Development and Innovation Strategy



Charters Towers has achieved sound economic and population outcomes in recent years. Council remains committed to attracting and facilitating further development towards enhancing the Charters Towers economy into the future, from which the Region could see improved growth outcomes. (Charters Towers Regional Council)

Conveniently located on the Flinders Highway bypass through Charters Towers, Goldtower Central offers direct arterial road access, highway exposure exposure and strategic positioning for business to capitalise from future growth planned for the regions mining, agriculture and defence projects. 

The state and Federal government are supporting local projects that will stimulate economic growth, encourage industry and private sector investment, influence business confidence and create jobs.   

Projects Currently in the Pipeline

Big Rocks Weir

10 Megalitre weir at Big Rocks on the Burdekin River

Estimated to cost approximately $60 million

172 Full time equivalent (construction)

2023 Construction Start Date

Burdekin Falls Dam Raising

Increase the storage capacity of the existing Burdekin Falls Dam

Estimated between $358 million and $665 million

2025 Construction Start Date

150 Full time equivalent (construction)


A high voltage overhead electricity transmission line connecting the North West Minerals Provence and Mount Isa to the National Electricity Market grid 
south of Townsville

$1.7 Billion

2024 Construction Start Date 

Up to 750 Construction Jobs, 30 operational Jobs