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Live Charters Towers

The ‘Live Charters Towers’ campaign is an initiative of Goldtower Central’s Paul McIver. Aiming to attract south-east Queenslanders to move to Charters Towers, the campaign is targeting to engage those who want a bigger backyard, better work-life balance and a stronger sense of community.
“The Live Charters Towers Campaign is about making people down south aware of Charters Towers and the affordable regional lifestyle on offer, complete with abundant educational and job opportunities, located just 90 mins from a major city,” Mr McIver said.
“Every business is set to benefit, and the town as a whole. If we want people to come, we have to let them know what is available here. When the town grows, our businesses grow, jobs are created, increased services are offered and our residents thrive. It is a ‘win-win’ for everyone.”