Built on the back of the Goldrush, Charters Towers has strong historical significance. From elegant and historically significant buildings and heritage listed bell towers to World War II concrete bunkers and tributes, Charters Towers holds a place in Western Queensland’s must-see tourism locations. 

Goldtower Central looks to add to the Charters Towers tourism landscape through attractions that pays homage to Charters Towers’ colourful past. 

Charters Towers Regional Council Economic Development and Innovation Strategy


Goldtower is humbled to be able to partner with a renowned Australian Fine Artist Peter Lawson. Peter’s work is documented throughout Charters Towers including a historical scene of Mosman Street, in 1985. Goldtower will showcase Peter’s works of not only Charters Towers in its bygone era but works of Australiana on the building formations. This will give the precinct a tourism destination advantage. 


Born in Townsville in 1946, Peter grew up on Magnetic Island, and has had a career as a professional artist for more than 50 years. The great-nephew of noted Australia poet Henry Lawson, Peter still lives and paints on Magnetic Island.  Peter’s great uncle – poet Henry Lawson –  gave him the inspiration to set himself up as an artist for life.

“I started reading his poetry and then I painted a picture of the old bullock teams. Before I knew it publishers were deadly interested in what I had painted.”  Peter went on to illustrate Henry Lawson’s poetry and the rest is history. 

Goldtower Central is paying homage to the town’s history with the installation of two large scale mosaic images of prominent Peter Lawson paintings.

Goldtower Central Executive Director Paul McIver is excited to incorporate key elements of Charters Towers history throughout the 22 plus hectare project.

“We are wanting to take Goldtower Central commercial and industrial aesthetics to a stunning new level, not often seen in regional towns. We want to bring new business and new opportunities to the region, but at the same time respect the past and celebrate the heritage of this beautiful town”, says Paul.

The original painting of Saturday Morning Gill St. (Circa 1900) was inspired by the historical architecture and street scenes of the Gold Era. The art piece has now been transformed into 701,040 meticulously handmade 10mm square ceramic tiles, giving a realism to the time of the century that it depicts.  Mr McIver said “Peter Lawson’s Charters Towers paintings are iconic and deserve to be seen by everyone. We have selected just two to be installed as one-of-kind mosaics on ‘Pioneer Place’ and look forward to incorporating more throughout the project”.

Pioneer Place a piece of industrial art itself with its 6m wide covered walkways and polished concrete floors that incorporate ruby red glass.

Renowned local artist Peter Lawson is honoured and excited to see his paintings in such large scale on the side of the Goldtower buildings.

“The Painting Title – Saturday Morning Gill St. (Circa 1900), was painted in 1979 for a publication called ‘The Town the Called the World’ – Author Don Roderick,” said Peter Lawson

“The inspiration for the painting came from the historical architecture and street scenes of the Gold Era. What a bustling place this painting showcases, with its town folk, The White Horse Hotel, ladies dressed for their leisurely stroll with umbrella in hand and horse and carriages.  Goldtower Central is in Stage 1 of development and has delivered 10 million dollars in direct infrastructure investment.

“The McIver family have been operating local businesses in Charters Towers since the 1980’s and I am thrilled to be contributing to the legacy though the building of Goldtower Central. We are working with the township to ensure that the region prospers buildings and bringing new business to the region” said Paul.