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Build it and they will come. This is the visionary outlook that owner and developer Paul McIver has had from the very beginning.

The McIver family first purchased land and property in Charters Towers in 1986. Owning and operating the petrol station along the Flinders Highway, the McIver’s quickly made their mark on the Charters Towers community. The business expanded into McIver Bros Livestock Transport, which was one of the largest Livestock Transporters in Queensland.

Paul’s vision for the Goldtower precinct is a continuation of a legacy commenced by his family in the transport, fuel, and retail tyre industries. The land that Goldtower Central sits on, was the home to the family tyre business in Charters Towers. In 2007, Goldtower Properties purchased this parcel of land on New Queen Road and the first buildings were constructed. Since then, Goldtower Properties continues to grow not only the Goldtower precinct but also grow their investment in the Charters Towers region by employing locals, engaging local businesses and supporting local community events and organisations.  

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In 2022 the township of Charters Towers celebrated 150 years since the first cry of Eureka rang out in Charters Towers signalling an era of fortune for the town and the birth of a region.

The Goldtower precinct is inspired by the strong history of the town and incorporates the Charters Towers story into each of its buildings and tourism elements. Goldtower’s buildings deliver a modern interpretation of historical façade with heritage colours, shapes and materials all being utilised.

The Goldtower Central streetscape incorporates pieces of tourism architecture of The World, a solid globe statue perched atop of marble plinths etched region's rich history; Three Gold Nuggets, embellished replicas of nuggets commemorating the three local mines of modern times in the Region.

Charters Towers:
Live, work & play

Charters Towers connects the tropical coastlines to the charm and rustic beauty of the outback. The heritage goldmining town offers affordable country lifestyle, abundant in job and educational opportunities and is only a 90 minute drive from the coastal city Townsville.

Home to 11,731 people, Charters Towers maintains a thriving and diverse economic landscape, with beef production contributing to a majority of local economic activity. Mining, tourism and education, as well as research industries, are also significant contributors to the region’s growing economy.

Charters Towers
Charters Towers
Goldtower Central is dedicated to the strategic development and growth of Charters Towers and the broader western region, guided by the principle of "Build it and they will come." Our vision is to establish a presence in the west by fostering the expansion of local businesses and attracting new business to the region. With a comprehensive master plan that encompasses community, tourism, industrial and retail components, Goldtower promoting the appeal of regional Queensland as an attractive area for investment for business and lifestyle.
Goldtower Central is strategically positioned in the gateway to the West, and on the crossroads of possibility. This commercial precinct opens up diverse opportunities for the local Charters Towers region and beyond. With a focus on bolstering the region's economic landscape, Goldtower Central actively engages and encourages local spending and employment opportunities; and further extending the Charters Towers tourism landscape.
The precinct's design reflects a thoughtful blend of contemporary architecture and a style deeply rooted in Charters Towers' rich heritage. Our goal is to create a welcoming space that resonates with the needs of today while honoring the historical essence of this vibrant community. Goldtower Central stands as a testament to our dedication to the growth and prosperity of Charters Towers, offering a unique fusion of modern growth and historical charm.
Goldtower aims to continue to add to Charters Towers tourism landscape, and creating a must-visit destination that captivates both residents and visitors, contributing to the enduring growth and vitality of our community.
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