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Golden moments

Check in at The World

Leave your mark on history like never before by becoming a citizen of The World. During your visit, scan the QR code located at the statue and receive your unique citizen number. This immersive experience fosters a sense of belonging, allowing you to forge a personal connection to Charters Towers’ golden legacy.

Standing at over seven metres high and a diameter of four metres with a granite base carved with stories of the Charters Towers region. Presented to Charters Towers as a gift in celebration of 150 years since the declaration of the goldfields.

The World in Your Hands

Stretching an impressive five meters in height, 80 meters in length, and adorned with over five million hand-cut tiles, The Wall of History stands as a tribute to the pivotal moments that have shaped Charters Towers.

Charters Towers Wall of History 1872_1922 (5)
Jupiter Mossman

Explore the story of Charters Towers during the Gold Rush era, beginning with the captivating story of Jupiter Mosman, an Aboriginal boy whose accidental discovery sparked the northern gold rush.

Goldtower Tourism

A history bonanza

Goldtower Tourism

Uncover tourism gold

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Discover Charters Towers, where a storied past and a flourishing tourism industry collide to create a not-to-be-missed historical destination with plenty to see, do and experience. No matter if you are a history buff or a curious traveler, Charters Tower is more than just a pass-through pit stop.

Whether you’re strolling through the historic streets or supporting local businesses, every corner of Charters Towers has a story to tell, making it a destination that excites the adventurer in you.

Goldtower Tourism

Wall of History

Australia’s largest hand-made mosaic illustrates of the town and the people of Charters Towers from 1872 – 1912.